VoIP & PBX Services

Phone Systems - Restaurant & Food Services (VoIP and PBX)

In the restaurant industry, there's nothing more paramount than unlimited simultaneous calling (lack of busy signals), staff ease-of-use, customer-friendly greetings with a quality hold experience and stone-cold stability. This is where World Net steps in, a service provider since 1996.

VoIP, also called IP telephony, is the term used for "voice over IP", which means the Internet. Our systems, like all modern systems, require Internet access but allow immense flexibility with regards to physical location(s).

We provide our clients with very cost-effective phone service featuring fully advanced PBX services (PBX is the term used to describe a business telephone system that offers call routing, phone menus, hold music, voicemail, and other common features), with a full stand-alone system for each individual location/restaurant. Our system allow provides full support for multi-location restaurants/businesses allowing you to cross-tie in all of your locations for easy customer call-transfer resulting in better customer retention.

All new installations are pre-programmed and are as simple as plugging them in and testing before service activation, providing a risk-free cutover and smooth transition for your business. Even better - World Net is one of the few providers where we DO NOT require contracts - as our founders believe you should want to be with us, and that we have to earn our relationship.

Below is a topical breakdown of some of the most common features and questions about our services.

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Features & Information

Unlimited Inbound & Outbound Simultaneous Calling

  1. We do not restrict the number of simultaenous inbound and outbound calls. Every extension is capable of making an outbound call at the same time (regardless of phone number called). Technically, each location/business needs only a single phone number, and that's plenty ('rollover' of multiple numbers is a now-dead concept).
  2. Our system utilizes queues to handle multiple inbound calls to the same number/extension by stacking them and providing voice, standard ringing or music while they hold in order.

Voicemail - Phone or E-Mail

  1. Voicemail, when enabled for an extension, can be retrieved at the phone (traditional) or automatically delived via E-Mail to specific E-Mail accounts (popular).


  1. Find-me-follow-me (FMFM) allows you to program an extension to ring an additional number(s) after a call is not answered within a specified time.
  2. This feature is often used by those that want their desk phone to ring for a certain number of seconds and then forward the call to their mobile phone if not answered.

Linear & Ring-All

  1. Inbound calls to a specific number or menu-option-queue can be programmed to ring a specific group of phones at once or ring them one at a time in linear order.

Call Park

  1. Call Park is a method that allows you to put a caller on hold allowing anyone in your organization to take the call. An indicator light appears on your phone extension showing there's a global call on hold, allowing any extension to pick it up. This feature is an advanced capability beyond the traditional transfer button option to a specific phone extension.

Soft-Phones / Bria

  1. Our system allows for the capability of using a soft phone, which is a software program installed on a computer or internet-connected device and uses the internet to send/receive calls.
  2. Soft Phones can be handy for employees that are mobile such as van and bus drivers.
  3. Popular choices include Bria (Mobile) and Zoiper (PC)

Caller-ID Services

  1. Caller-ID (inbound) is enabled on our services by default, and outbound lines (DID's) and extensions can also be customized on our end to present the information of your choosing.

Conferences / Group Meeting

  1. Our conferences pro feature allows you to host multi-user conferences similar to traditional systems to where the caller calls in and enters a specific meeting code where they are announced to the group and enter the conference.
  2. This is a professional add-on module that comes with a specific one-time license and install cost of $65.00.

Call Statistics & Information

  1. Our system supports a web-based portal that allows you to see call data going back a calendar year, allowing you to generate all types of graphical reports from any custom timeline.
  2. Allowing you to see call distribution, you can tailor any report based on various criteria such as extension, queue and agent. Data types include calls answered, length of call, transfers, agent totals, unanswered calls, disconnection cause and hold time.
  3. This feature is most often utilized by our food industry and service members that want to keep an eye on lost calls and average hold time.
  4. This is a professional add-on module that comes with a specific one-time license and install cost of $550.00 - and only ONE license is needed per-franchise/business, not per-location.

Professional Voice Services

  1. World Net contracts voice work to VoiceOversByCat.com's Cat Lookabaugh, who's a talented voice artist with an extensive resume that includes audiobooks and presentations and has worked with us since the 90's.
  2. At an reasonable cost, Cat has done extensive work for a vast majority of our clients that want customized audio menus and hold music w/information (audio loop).